I am a freelancer, and I work from my studio in Rennes, France. Do you have a project? Find out how to work with me in 7 very simple steps.


Contact. Please take your time and browse my website to familiarise yourself with my personal style. Be sure to check these pages to find out the minimum budget and time you need to book a project with me, for illustration and for motion design. If you like what you see, please contact me ! It’s very simple: you can write at :


Describe your project with lots of details so we we can discuss it in step 2.


Discussion. I’ll return your mail in the following 3 days. If you want, you can schedule a free phone consultation with me to refine your project. I’ll ask you loads of questions, and you’ll ask me all yours. Then I will send you a proposal and a quote. Some elements of the proposal can be adjusted (for example, the amount of images, the length of a video, the complexity of the style, etc.). I don’t negotiate on price but I can help you reduce the perimeter of the project if your budget is tight. My proposal is very detailed and is literally the agreed project brief.


Signature and deposit. Once you are satisfied with the proposal, just sign it and make a 50% deposit. The project can start!


Sketch. I first draw very quick sketches for your project.

  • For an illustration project, I submit various sketches (the exact number depends on our contract) and you chose your favourite direction.

  • For a motion design project, I create a script and a storyboard. It takes 2 weeks minimum, including your revisions.


Drawing. This is when I begin to draw the actual project.

  • For an illustration project, I usually draw the entire project with pencil first.

  • For a motion design project, we chose a visual style (with mood bords), and then I draw style frames, which are some of the storyboard’s vignettes, but entirely drawn as they are going to look in the video. It takes 2 weeks minimum, including your revisions.


Magic! This is the step where the project really comes to life.

  • For an illustration project, it’s when I draw the project with colours and finish the project digitally.

  • For a motion design project, it’s the creation of the motion design and the animation. It’s the longest step, it can take from 2 to 9 weeks, depending on the project.


Delivery. I deliver your project on time. You can publish, congratulations! If you loved working with me, send a testimonial my way ;)


Ready? Contact me :