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Self-Portrait in a Checked Shirt

You know how much I love drawing portraits with pencil. I enjoyed the self-portrait with a striped shirt so much that I decided to continue in that vein, with another portrait inspired by the art of Ingres. I have drawn quite a few portraits of people wearing a patterned top by now, and I am having a lot of fun varying the pattern of the shirt.

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7 Ways to Wear a Breton Shirt

When I drew a self-portrait for my About page, I naturally chose one of my favourite outfits: the breton shirt (organic cotton!) and jeans. For this project, I did not want to focus on the resemblance to the model as an individual, but to have fun with fashion and clothes. I created a mini capsule wardrobe: seven ways to wear the breton shirt, drawn with pencil.

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Painting a Black Hat with Gouache

Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun was a very important painter from the 18th century, who painted mostly women’s portraits. She was very successful – which was very unusual for a woman artist of her time. My favourite detail today is a hat from a portrait of a comtesse. This hat is adorned with a black satin ribbon – as a detail, it is almost an abstract painting in itself.

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