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Drawing a Winter Scene: 3 Studies after Sisley

Winter scenes are not the easiest landscapes to draw because the main question remains: How do you draw snow? How do you convey the luminosity and texture of snow covering streets and houses? What colours do you use? What difference does it make to paint a winter scene with gouache or to draw it with black ink or coloured pencils?

As always, I turn to the masters of the past for inspiration.

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Painting a Black Hat with Gouache

Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun was a very important painter from the 18th century, who painted mostly women’s portraits. She was very successful – which was very unusual for a woman artist of her time. My favourite detail today is a hat from a portrait of a comtesse. This hat is adorned with a black satin ribbon – as a detail, it is almost an abstract painting in itself.

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Rembrandt and a Lion for my Sketchbook (I)

I wanted to draw lions. I love these beautiful animals, and I really wanted to draw a realistic lion. But sometimes you don’t want to spend hours drawing – or you can’t. All you want is to draw a quick sketch. How can you draw a very quick sketch of a lion (say in under 10 minutes) and make it realistic? As always, I turned to great artists of the past for guidance.

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