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Self-Portrait in a Checked Shirt

You know how much I love drawing portraits with pencil. I enjoyed the self-portrait with a striped shirt so much that I decided to continue in that vein, with another portrait inspired by the art of Ingres. I have drawn quite a few portraits of people wearing a patterned top by now, and I am having a lot of fun varying the pattern of the shirt.

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7 Ways to Wear a Breton Shirt

When I drew a self-portrait for my About page, I naturally chose one of my favourite outfits: the breton shirt (organic cotton!) and jeans. For this project, I did not want to focus on the resemblance to the model as an individual, but to have fun with fashion and clothes. I created a mini capsule wardrobe: seven ways to wear the breton shirt, drawn with pencil.

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Drawing a Winter Scene: 3 Studies after Sisley

Winter scenes are not the easiest landscapes to draw because the main question remains: How do you draw snow? How do you convey the luminosity and texture of snow covering streets and houses? What colours do you use? What difference does it make to paint a winter scene with gouache or to draw it with black ink or coloured pencils?

As always, I turn to the masters of the past for inspiration.

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