So Ready for Autumn

Drawing my favourite scarf with coloured pencil.

How to draw a scarf | The Daily atelier

Are you ready for autumn?

I am so ready for fall! I cannot wait to wear coats and scarves. As I have told you before, this is my favourite time of the year. Today I was sketching another drawing, an autumn look with boots, a woollen coat and a scarf. I did not like the result – at all – because ... well, the general style of the drawing seemed more like a poor impression of a fashion magazine than the kind of drawings I like to craft. So I won’t show it to you. But then I realised that there was a little part of the drawing that I had really enjoyed creating, and it was the scarf. This scarf I have owned for years – it is warm and comfy. Its lines and squares are off-white, red and grey. A little departure from my usual yellow–grey palette, but it screams autumn to me. What about you – what is your favourite piece of clothing that embodies autumn?

The reference picture for my scarf.

The reference picture for my scarf.




All you need this week are:

  • a pencil

  • a sharpener

  • an eraser

  • a red pencil.



Step 1 – Drawing the outline

This project is the best way to demonstrate the power of my little home-made method of drawing things as if they were just an arrangement of abstract shapes … Because, this time, they really are!


Step 2 – Drawing the pattern

I have played quite a bit with patterns these days, and I am far from done. This time, it is not about stripes but rather about a checked pattern. I took all the time in the world just to draw the lines realistically where they actually are on my reference picture. Notice that because it is a woollen scarf, I chose not to sharpen my pencil as usual, because I thought the softer rendering would look more like wool. I don’t like to draw on grainy paper, but I guess if you like this kind of paper you can achieve an even better effect.


Step 3 – Adding colour

I wanted to add touches of colour, but strategically. Yes to a bold spot of colour somewhere in the composition, but not everywhere. To achieve a more muted red, I used graphite pencil over the red colouring.


And voilà!

My scarf is ready to be worn – uh, no – framed or gifted. While I am writing these lines, it is still very warm much as in the summer, but fall is coming soon, I am sure.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. As always, I do not pretend to be a teacher, a seasoned artist or an expert in anything. I am just a very motivated learner who finds a deep joy in regular art practice.

The finished drawing – a bit of mystery | So Ready for Autumn, by The Daily Atelier

The final drawing is ready to frame or gift |  So Ready for Autumn , by The Daily Atelier

The final drawing is ready to frame or gift | So Ready for Autumn, by The Daily Atelier


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