Drawing a Pumpkin and Creating a Sweater

There is no better time to draw a pumpkin

How to draw a pumpkin with pencil and gouache | The Daily Atelier
My reference picture for a pumpkin.

My reference picture for a pumpkin.

I am French, and Halloween is not as strong a tradition in my country as it is in Anglo-Saxon countries. When I lived in London, I saw what a big deal Halloween was in my neighbourhood. In the orange storm that went with it, especially on the commercial front, what I liked most was the simple reminder of the beauty of a pumpkin. A pumpkin does not only mean Halloween – it also means autumn. And it is beautiful! So today I am paying homage to the beautiful pumpkin with a little drawing/painting of mine. And stay tuned – there is a twist at the end!




All you need this week are:

  • grey paper

  • a pencil

  • a sharpener

  • an eraser

  • a white pencil

  • a little bit of gouache (white, black, yellow, orange, red)



Step 1 – Sketching the pumpkin with black pencil on grey paper

It’s been quite a while since I drew or painted something on grey paper. I have missed it! I began this project by sketching the pumpkin. It really is not complicated. The pumpkin is in itself a simple geometrical shape. I paid extra attention to exactly where the different curves converge at the top and bottom of the pumpkin: these curves define the sense of depth of the drawing.


Step 2 – Drawing the details of the pumpkin in black and white pencil

Then I coloured in, with different tones of white, grey and black, to give more dimension to my drawing. I decided to draw a part of it in detail, and to keep it as a sketch.


Step 3 – Painting the pumpkin with gouache

I painted another part of the pumpkin with black and grey gouache, and the last part in different shades of orange. For the gouache part, don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of how it looks. I used a lot of different colours: different greys and different oranges, yellows and reds.


And voilà! My interpretation of a pumpkin in black, white, grey and orange!

This drawing/painting, once it is framed, belongs to a beautiful autumnal interior.

But here is the twist I mentioned. I created this pumpkin because I wanted to wear it on a sweater! And here it is – my own Halloween/Autumn Sweater! The craziest thing? You can also buy it: it is certified 100% organic and I hope you will love it as much as I do. You can buy this design on a sweater or on a T-shirt, in different colours. Find out more about it here!


The Daily Atelier Clothing Shop with Teemill.com!

The Daily Atelier Clothing Shop with Teemill.com!


Never settle for anything less than epic - that's why I've released these sweaters and T-shirts designed with my favourite drawings! What's best, it’s constructed from certified organic fabrics and printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory. Ready to ship today with UK fast delivery available when you order before 3pm, and worldwide shipping available 3-5 days.


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