Drawing a Cat using Just Dots

How to draw a cat with ink using just dots.


Drawing is not always about lines. Can we draw a cat with dots?

Do you remember the word I drew using just dots? Well, I did it again. I drew my beloved pet with pencil first, and once the lines wear clear enough, I used dots to draw the entire sketch with black ink. 

My favourite model.

My favourite model.



For this project, I used very simple tools:

  • a graphite pencil and eraser

  • a black pen



Step 1 – sketch the cat with pencil

For this short project, I needed a sketch first. I did not want it to be too perfect, just a quick sketch of the cat with graphite pencil, to know where to draw the dots afterwards. I took a picture of my cat, gazing by the window on a sunny afternoon, and I drew from there. A rough sketch, not many details, just the general outline with the right proportions.

A little reminder of my process when I sketch...

It is very much a trial and error process, in three steps:

  1. I look intently at a small part of the reference photo, as if it was some abstract shape

  2. I try to reproduce it on paper, looking back and forth a lot between the photo and the drawing. Do the shapes look the same? Yes: keep it. No: erase and repeat.

  3. then I look at my drawing again, not as geometrical shapes, but as the thing it is meant to look like. Does it look like a cat? Yes: keep it. No: erase and repeat.


In the short video above, this runs from 00:00 to 02:16. It actually took me 10 minutes.


Step 2 – drawing the cat using just black ink dots

Then I took a simple black pen, and drew the cat using just dots:

  • more dots where the picture was darker,

  • fewer dots or even no dots where the picture was lighter.

I also experimented (cheated?) a little with the shape of the dots: dots marry well with short little lines, to give a sens of direction in the fur. So sometimes, instead of dots, I used little lines in the direction of the cat's hair, which helps change the appearance of his fur.

In the short video above, this runs from 02:16 to 04:06. It actually took me 15 minutes.


And voilà!

Once all the dots are drawn, let it dry (it took a while with this pen, be patient, don't rush...), erase the pencil... And voilà! In 25 minutes, I drew a cat using just dots.

Another great page for your sketchbook, or maybe a card to be sent to your favourite animal lover, or a little picture to be framed in a minimalist interior (did I mention how I love minimalist home decor?).

The finished drawing is ready to frame or gift. | Drawing a Cat using Just dots, by The Daily Atelier.

I hope you enjoyed this post. As always, I do not pretend to be a teacher, a seasoned artist or an expert in anything, just a very motivated learner who finds a deep joy in a regular art practice.

Finished drawing | Drawing a Cat using Just dots, by The Daily Atelier.


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