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Drawing Hands for my New Year Card

Each year, I struggle to find an idea for my New Year cards, and after that I struggle even more to write them. But this year I saw it as a creative challenge and an opportunity to practise in several fields that interest me: drawing hands, ink drawing and digital drawing. That made it so much more interesting, and I learned a lot. Not to mention that it led to a result I like so much that I may actually write and send them this year (you never know …)!

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Drawing a Winter Scene: 3 Studies after Sisley

Winter scenes are not the easiest landscapes to draw because the main question remains: How do you draw snow? How do you convey the luminosity and texture of snow covering streets and houses? What colours do you use? What difference does it make to paint a winter scene with gouache or to draw it with black ink or coloured pencils?

As always, I turn to the masters of the past for inspiration.

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Hand Lettering ‘Friday’ Using Just Dots

Who said you need clear lines for hand lettering? Let’s try a little variation with dots. For today’s project, I tried my hand at hand lettering the word ‘Friday’ (guess what day it was …). Then I inked it using just … dots. And I even added a gradient effect for good measure. Ideally, a work of patience to be accomplished while listening to a great podcast!

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Rembrandt and a Lion for my Sketchbook (I)

I wanted to draw lions. I love these beautiful animals, and I really wanted to draw a realistic lion. But sometimes you don’t want to spend hours drawing – or you can’t. All you want is to draw a quick sketch. How can you draw a very quick sketch of a lion (say in under 10 minutes) and make it realistic? As always, I turned to great artists of the past for guidance.

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