Bonjour! I’m Myriam Gabrielle.

I am an illustrator and 2D motion designer from Brittany, France. I create illustrations and explainer videos for #sustainablefashion and #sustainablebeauty brands. My creations are unique and reveal the artistic and ethical values of your brand.

I became an illustrator and motion designer in my 40s. I am a former manager, consultant and entrepreneur. Today, in my forties – a true late bloomer – I have changed career and have become first an illustrator and now a motion designer. I keep on learning and am passionate about this second life. My business skills are still relevant in that they help me understand your needs, communicate with you efficiently and be your favourite - and very reliable - remote freelancer.

I work for brands who are engaged in sustainable fashion and sustainable beauty. I am passionate about sustainability and climate change, and I want to act upon my values. Since I put a lot of energy in my work, I want it to serve a cause I truly believe in.

When I created The Daily Atelier, I was living in London: English was the language of my friends, readers and clients. Don’t hesitate to ask me about international projects, I love them. I work remotely, from my own studio in Rennes, France.


8 random things about me

1. I don’t have an academic training in drawing or painting. I have a background in business and art history. I am self-taught and I began a blog to document my learnings: The Daily Atelier.

2. I am French, but I started my blog in English. When I created The Daily Atelier, I was living in London: English was the language of my friends, readers and clients. I now live in Brittany, France, where everyone wears breton shirts like mine.

3. I love grey hair.

4. I love breton shirts. A lot.

5. I have a cat and a dog. My cat photobombs my videos. A lot.

6. I almost stopped drawing for most of my adulthood. Even though I used to draw a lot when I was a teenager, I almost completely stopped for most of my adulthood – until I turned 40. I think – and hope – it is never too late to practise, as long as you enjoy it and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

7. I am an introvert who loves people. Working as a remote freelancer suits me perfectly, but I also enjoy meeting you. I sometimes teach and am available for speaking engagements, in French or English (French accent included).

8. I care a lot about sustainability and women’s rights. I will probably make mistakes, but I am trying my best, especially in relation to sustainability, social responsibility, the environment, women’s rights, diversity, inclusivity, and also data privacy. And, above all, kindness.


Nope, I am not on Insta!

I love social media in general, but I am not a huge fan of Twitter and Facebook (who owns Instagram and WhatsApp) as companies – to say the least. In my field, illustration and motion design, Instagram is a must. Same in the fashion and beauty industry. Nevertheless, I persist and resist to the pressure! If you are on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter for your own business, I am not judging you, and I understand that you probably need to. I create illustrations and videos for you to publish there too. I just happen to have the luxury to avoid it for my own communication until now. Here is where can you find me instead:

So, let’s connect via email and talk about your projects?